NE-2 Visa Requirements

  • Attach a copy of the main page of the valid passport where the personal data of the holder appear.
  • A copy of the page of the Passport that has the last entry to or exit from Colombia stamp, as the case may be.
  • Foreigners who have applied for and been granted a visa without a QR code or OCR must attach a copy of the most recent Colombian visa.
  • Sí el trámite va a ser finalizado por un apoderado adjuntar poder debidamente otorgado.
  • Letter from the legal representative of the foreign commercial, industrial or service company stating the carrying out of activities in the country that are included in the international instruments in force, among others: free trade agreements, an association agreement and within the framework of the Pacific Alliance, accompanied by the certificate of incorporation and legal existence, or a similar document, of the legal entity, depending on the country of origin.
  • Fill out the visa application, electronically following this link: Visas Form or in person, at the issuing office. In the case of artistic, sports and cultural groups, the visa application may be filled out by their representative by detailing the data of each one of the members of the group.


  • Sí su trámite lo va a efectuar de manera presencial, deberá presentar su pasaporte con vigencia mayor a 180 días y dos páginas en blanco.
  • Sí solicitó visa electrónica por más de un mes, deberá presentar su pasaporte en las oficinas de Bogotá con una vigencia mayor a 180 días y dos páginas en blanco para el estampado de la respectiva visa.


Nota: Si usted hace su solicitud de manera presencial, no requerirá llevar fotografías. Las mismas le serán tomadas en la oficina expedidora.

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