Costs and Means of Payment Abroad

Visa Type

Cost in  in Euros

Cost in Dollars

Studio Visa Studio Visa


€ 40

€  173

$ 52

$ 224

*Visas for nationals of the Republic of Ecuador will be exempted from charge; the fee for its study shall be thirty (30) American Dollars if it´s requested somewhere else in the world and for Europe or Cuba shall be twenty-three (23) euros.
* Visas for nationals of Japan and the Republic of Korea will be exempted from charge; the fee for its study shall be that corresponding to the class and category of the visa requested.

PSE Payment Guide

Remember that you must have previously formalized the application in order to make your payment.

  • Electronic payment through the Internet: you should use the Electronic Payment System by clicking the button online secure payments. Find out how the online electronic payment system works by consulting our PSE Guide for the Citizen. Keep in mind that, in order to make your payment, you must have an active account in Colombia and that it must be authorized by the corresponding financial entity for the service of electronic payments.

Note: Please verify the payment methods with the nearest Colombian Consulate.

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